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One of the most important elements of any Indian wedding is the food. It should be lavish, extravagant and, most importantly, unforgettable. So how do you go about making sure you get all this in London?

Catering services are the obvious answer, but there are a few important things to consider before deciding on a caterer and signing any contracts.

Choosing the Right Caterer
Finding good Indian wedding food in London will be one of your top priorities when planning your special day. You may have hundreds if not thousands of wedding guests to accommodate for, so providing a delicious and varied menu is key to making your day a success.
When starting out, make use of an online catering directory. These are numerous and have many Indian wedding food providers listed. Talk to as many different caterers as you can to see what they can do for you. Once you’ve made your choice, carry out a few important steps:
• visit the premises
• arrange a food tasting session
• ask for photos and references from previous events
• if your chosen wedding venue has no cooking facilities, ask if the caterer will be able to prepare the food at his/her premises
• ask to see their catering and liquor licenses
• ask if the food on the day will be prepared by the same chef who prepared the deal-clinching food samples

Don’t be embarrassed about asking your chosen caterer about their facilities. Choosing a caterer with poor hygiene standards could spell disaster for your special day. You have every right to know that the food will be prepared and stored in a clean and hygienic environment.

Choosing a Menu
When it comes to food, it is impossible to keep check of everyone’s likes and dislikes. Sticking to a few well-known favourites can ensure that the majority of guests are satisfied. However, you still want a menu that is vibrant and interesting. If in doubt, ask your caterer for advice. If they have years of experience, they should have a good idea of what works well and what doesn’t. It is also a good idea to keep the number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes equal.

Services Included
If you are going to have a caterer’s wedding package, check to see that you are getting all the things you’ll need to make the event run smoothly. Does the package include:
• Serving equipment, cutlery, glassware and crockery
• Napkins, tablecloths and any extra linens
• Serving staff and kitchen staff
• Decorations
• Drinks
• Event management

Extra Details
An Indian wedding can involve hundreds of hungry guests. Your caterer should make sure that the event runs smoothly by being prepared in as many ways as possible. In an age of special dietary requirements and allergies, small details can make all the difference when it comes to guests. Will your caterer:

• make sure that the food is labelled correctly
• keep sugar-free or nut-free food separate
• have staff available to answer guests’ questions about the food

Avoid Regrets Following a few of these simple steps can help ensure that your caterer is the right one. There are many suppliers of Indian wedding food in London, and if you want your wedding to be remembered positively, you’ll need one that’s competent. Checking their credentials is essential to avoid disasters or added stress on the day. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

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