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As many of us know, planning a wedding to perfection can have its ups and downs and can quite often turn out to be rather stressful. There is everything to think of- from the venue and the food, to the dress and the honeymoon. But planning a wedding reception doesn’t have to be so stressful, especially if you know where to start. Here are some ideas and tips to help you plan for the most beautiful day of your life.

First of all, seek advice from someone close to you who has experience with weddings and receptions such as a mother or a friend, and talk to them about where they have attended receptions and what they thought of them. The venue is very important as this is where you will celebrate with all of your friends and family, so choose a location that you are comfortable with- perhaps somewhere you know, that has meaning or simply can give the best quote. Make sure that you find out what exactly the venue can provide- room hire, caterers, decorations, flowers, waiters, and other staff to host it for you. If you have chosen a hotel, you will need to ensure that there are plenty of rooms available for you and your guests.

Once you have the wedding venue sorted out you can start to arrange the finer details such as music and dancing. Start to look in to DJ’s who can provide the right music for you, and check with the venue about lighting for before and after the dancing- who will be responsible for it? There is also the menu to organise. Will you need to bring in a caterer, or does the venue provide one? You will need to discuss if they can cater for special dietary requirements and when they will want the choices put to them.

Once the menu is sorted, you can then begin to plan the seating arrangements, taking into consideration anyone else’s requirements if possible. Whilst you are doing all of this, continually ask yourself: “Am I getting the best price?”

If you are having your wedding reception in a hotel there are some more things to consider, such as if there are to be any other parties taking place on the same day, and if so ask the hotel how they are prepared to deal with this- will there be extra staff available? Make sure you are happy with their arrangements as you will want to feel that you are getting 100% of their attention on the day. Also, hotels tend to have stricter rules than hired halls such as timing for other guests- you may want to check this. For example, if you are having a DJ, will he be allowed to set up beforehand? If not you may have to plan around this. Will there be any restrictions on the decorations- if so, you might want to choose a different venue altogether!

There will also be tighter restrictions with technical appliances- will there be someone available if there are any faults? The wedding reception will be the most important factor of the day, and with careful planning you can make it a day no-one will ever forget!

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