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Half of the fun of attending or having an Indian wedding is in choosing the outfits to wear. Everything is really full of colour and patterns, and an Indian wedding is the perfect chance for the bride and her friends to get really dressed up. The men wear beautiful coloured shirts with a kurta pyjama and an overcoat, but do not look as amazing as the bride. Even the guests dress themselves up in spectacular fashion, all adorned with stunning gold jewellery, but they must not eclipse the bride and groom or anyone else involved in the wedding such as the bridesmaids and the best man.

The clothes are usually made up of different fabrics to create a more dramatic look, and can range from silk to georgettes, synthetics and simple cottons. The most popular colour for a bride to wear is red to represent passion and love, or purple iris flowers again to represent love. Cherry blossom is also a popular choice, but is found mostly on Chinese brides rather than Indian brides. The men are becoming more and more adventurous in their choice of colours, ranging from burnt oranges to bright pinks. The material for the groom is often heavy and long on the outside; underneath he may be wearing light cottons or silk. At some ceremonies males can also wear colourful turbans to show their support for the groom.

Proper Indian wedding attire for women usually consists of the Saree, a base blouse that although covered up will still be rich in colour and can have different designs and cuts. Alternatively there is the Salwar Kameez- an easy to wear and extremely comfortable shirt that matches the dupatta (long scarf). The Lehenga is the long skirt that matches the shirt or blouse, and is more popular than a Saree outfit. The wedding outfit outfit is usually accompanied with her chudas (white and red wedding bangles) and plenty of gold jewellery. The dupatta is finally attached to her hair. As with all brides, her hair and make-up will be perfect as will her henna tattoos.

The Indian groom’s wedding attire has slightly more to it than the bride- there is the churidar, tight-fitting cotton pants, the kameez, a loose-fitted shirt or tunic with pockets. The women can wear something similar but without the pockets if she desires. There is the achkan- a long coat with a mandarin collar and no lining, and finally, the sherwani on top- a knee-length, coat-like garment which is heavy to wear. Alternatively there is the Salwar Kameez, a matching shirt and pant set of cotton. The groom is expected to wear all of this throughout the whole of the festivities, no matter how hot or cold the weather is. In South India, grooms are traditionally bare-chested with a white sarong-type bottom half. He might choose to wear more neutral colours rather than the brighter ones of his bride.

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